what to expect from sessions 

If you have never had counselling, you may wonder what to expect and might feel nervous about taking the plunge.

I hope to put your mind at ease a little, by giving you some insight into what our sessions might be like, if you choose for us to work together.

During our first session I will gather information, so I can learn more about you and the issues you would like us to explore in counselling, how they are impacting your life and what you hope to achieve from our sessions.  This helps to establish the starting point for our work, so you get what you need from our time together.

You may not have clarity around these things to begin with; don’t worry, we can explore them together.

Week to week, you are free to use your sessions however feels right for you.  You can start wherever you choose.  People don’t always feel ready to dive straight in at the deep end, it can take time to build up a sense of trust and safety, so we will go at your pace, always.

Our sessions offer a space to express yourself freely: you can cry, you can swear, you can give voice to your inner thoughts: whatever you need.  All emotions are valid: there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ emotions so if you feel angry, for example, you can express your anger, without fear of judgement.  

You might want to spend some time sitting quietly, reflecting or allowing things to rise to the surface.  Silence can be really powerful and I would encourage you to embrace it, if it feels right for you at the time.  

My approach to client work is not passive: I do ask questions, I may offer appropriate insight and suggest ways that we might work through whatever is coming up for you in session.  I don’t offer advice but I will support you to find your own solutions, clarity and purpose.

Out of each week you will most likely spend 1 hour in counselling and the other 167 hours flying solo.  So, between sessions, I might suggest relevant resources for you to check out or invite you to do some work, such as keeping a journal or planning self-care activities.  We might talk about how you can practice using some of the tools or strategies we have developed together in session.  

You always have the right to decline any of my suggestions and I will respect your wishes.  

looking after yourself ~ during and after sessions

You are welcome to bring a warm drink or glass of water into your session and make yourself comfortable.

Counselling can be emotionally draining so, if possible, try to put aside an hour or so after your session, either for quiet reflection or even a nap.

Some people like to arrange to spend time with a friend or family member or to get out for fresh air afterwards.

Your self-care is really important, so think about what you can do to actively support yourself through the process of counselling.

This is something we can talk about in sessions too.

Wondering if I might be the right counsellor for you but not ready to commit? You are welcome to book a call with me, free of charge and without obligation.       

let’s talk about you


What do you need right now?

Time and space to express your thoughts and feelings?  Someone to help you identify the source of your anxiety or tension?  A trusted professional with whom you can explore difficult material?

Maybe what you need is a nurturing space: somewhere gentle and supportive.  Or perhaps you are ready to set some goals and inject a renewed energy and purpose into your life.   

Something in between, or a little of everything, perhaps? 

It could be that you don’t know quite what you need or where to begin, and that’s ok too – we can work it out together.     

firefly, for counselling & therapy

as unique as you

Being a human is hard, isn’t it?  

Sometimes we need support through challenging times.  Friends and family members are often too close, or too emotionally-involved, to offer an objective view: they may even be contributing to your distress.  Even with the best intentions, many people simply want to offer advice. 

My role as your therapist is not to advise you or try to rescue you.  Rather, I will work with you in collaboration and commit to really hearing you, giving you the time and space to express yourself as you work towards discovery of your inner-resources, strengths and resilience. 

As a relational counsellor I believe passionately in the value of the relationship between client and therapist.  Many of the tensions we encounter in life are rooted in our relationships with others, past and present:  family, friends, colleagues or lovers. 

Just as relational bonds can be a source of conflict and despair, so too a good therapeutic relationship can be a salve: a place of safety in which insight can occur and healing can begin. 

It would be my absolute privilege to walk alongside you for  a while on this journey – I believe in your potential.  

Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up

~ Brené Brown 

a little about me

My journey as a therapist began almost 25 years ago when I took my first course in counselling.  Shortly after that, life took me down an entirely different path. 

In 2013 I returned to therapy training and now, as a 40-something with grown-up children (and the ‘silvery highlights’ to prove it!) I have come full circle, to where I know I am meant to be: supporting people through their life challenges, as a counsellor and therapist. 

I have trained extensively and previously worked with bereaved clients, on behalf of Cruse Bereavement Care.  In addition to working with private clients, on a wide range of issues, I currently work with branches of Rape Crisis and Women’s Aid, supporting survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.  I am a certified online and telephone counsellor, having completed in-depth training in working therapeutically via phone and platforms such as Zoom.  Although I am based in Lincolnshire, I work exclusively online, so we can work together wherever you are in the UK.  

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and abide by their ethical code.  As you would expect, I am fully insured and GDPR compliant.  

qualifications & training:


BA (Hons) Contemporary Relational Counselling

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Mental Health First Aid Training (Adults and Children)

Cruse Bereavement Support Foundation Training

Certificate in Online & Telephone Counselling

Domestic Abuse

Working with Relational Trauma

Trauma-Informed Practice

Working with Shame

Parental Substance Misuse


Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Forced Marriage, FGM and Honour-Based Abuse

Emotional and Societal Responses to Rape and Sexual Violence

Responding to a Disclosure of Sexual Violence 

Trauma-Informed Practice when Working with Complex PTSD