My name is Katie and I provide online counselling and therapy to adult individuals across the UK.

Thank you for being here.  I invite you to take a look around my website to get a sense of who I am, how I work and whether I might be the right counsellor for you.

Firefly Counselling & Therapy is an inclusive space, so you are warmly welcomed here, whatever your age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, (dis)/ability, background or culture.

Let’s take the first positive step together as you begin your counselling journey.

Welcome to Firefly


I imagine, since you’re here, that you might be struggling with something that you hope counselling could help with.

~    Are your past experiences holding you back from living the life you want?   

~   Have difficult relationships with family, friends or partners left you feeling vulnerable and unsure of yourself?

~   Are you experiencing low-mood or feelings of distress, despair, confusion or anxiety?   

~    Perhaps you are struggling to come to terms with some aspect of your life or lived experience? 

Life is difficult for us all at times; we can feel isolated in our struggles and unsure of how to move forward.

You don’t have to face these tough times alone.  Here at Firefly I offer a safe, supportive online space; a place free from pressure or judgement where, together and at your pace, we can explore the things that are negatively impacting your life.

 I offer short, long-term or open-ended counselling, according to your needs, for all kinds of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, stress, low-mood, confidence and self-esteem issues, domestic abuse, chronic illness, trauma, relational issues, difficult childhood experiences, grief, bereavement and loss. 

This is not an exhaustive list and often life’s challenges aren’t so easily defined.  I would encourage you to get in touch so we can discuss what you would like to work on in counselling.  If it falls outside of my area of work I will be open and honest and, where possible, provide resources to help you find a counsellor better-suited to your needs. 

You are welcome to book a 20-minute phone consultation, free of charge and without obligation, to see if you feel comfortable with me and if we are likely to be a good fit.  This also gives us the opportunity to address any concerns or for you to ask questions that aren’t covered in the FAQ section of my website. 

Having a counsellor who makes you feel valued and heard is so important.

Katie helped me to find myself, to find my meaning, to start living my life again, instead of allowing anxiety to take over me.

Katie is a very understanding person.  With care and support throughout the whole counselling journey she has helped me understand things I have carried for years and I am now able to face life with a whole new attitude towards myself. 

What to expect

Clients have described me as a warm and reassuring presence.  I work from a place of empathy and curiosity.  Whilst I have experienced many difficulties in my own life, I have never walked in your shoes, so I will always aim to see your world through your eyes and never assume I know exactly how you feel or what it must be like for you.

Our time together will be characterised by openness, acceptance and my commitment to helping you begin to understand, and work through, whatever you’re ready to bring to counselling.

Click on the video below to find out more about Firefly Counselling & Therapy, the way that I work and what to expect if you choose to have counselling with me.

Delivery of Sessions

Sessions are facilitated online via Zoom.  Before each session, I will email a link for you to click on a couple of minutes before your appointment time.  This will take you into a private ‘waiting room’ and notify me that you have arrived.  I can then let you into our meeting room, which nobody else is able to access.

Zoom can be used for both video and voice-only sessions.  We can chat about whether you feel more comfortable with our cameras on or off and go with your choice.  (Nifty little tip: Zoom has an option to hide your own picture, which some people like, as it stops them being distracted by seeing their own face on their screen).  

Zoom is free for you to use and can be accessed on a phone, tablet, laptop or PC.  It is quite straightforward and user-friendly and even self-confessed technophobes are often surprised at how easily they pick it up! 

However, if you need help or have concerns about using the technology, please let me know and I will do all that I can to support you.

Session length and frequency

Each session lasts 60 minutes. 

Most clients choose to have weekly,  sessions.  Some people prefer a session every two weeks.  We can discuss the options and I will aim to accommodate your preferences.    

Some clients begin with weekly sessions and switch to fortnightly, as we move towards a pause or closure of our counselling.   

Cost and Payment

Sessions cost £55 (60 minutes)

Payment, by bank transfer, is requested 48 hours+ in advance, to secure your appointment.

Questions or Concerns? 

I understand that it can be daunting choosing a counsellor and it is natural to have questions about what counselling might be like, particularly if this is all new to you. 

The About and Services pages offer more information and I answer some common questions in the FAQ section of my website.  If you would like any info that isn’t covered, please make contact by phone, text or email.   

A free 20-minute consultation call is available for you to clarify anything that might not be covered on my website.  This call also offers the opportunity to discuss your needs and expectations and look at how we might work together.     

I will do all that I can to ensure you are as informed, supported and comfortable as possible, as you embark on your counselling journey.